Everyday we strive to keep our commitment to bring you great food, great service all at low prices in each of our restaurants. We use only the top ingredients when preparing your meal; that is our tradition. We hand trim and charbroil meats to enhance their flavor and drain excess fats during the cooking process. All our frying is done in Cholesterol Free Vegetable Oil. We make our own, simply great Onion Rings, Zucchini, Chili and Mushrooms, fresh daily. We hope you enjoy your meal and visit us again soon.

Our Company History

Boys Hamburgers is a family owned business with a long tradition of serving the very best in homemade style Mexican and American food. We’re devoted to our customers, and want to ensure that your meal here is a memorable one.

Home-style meals made from scratch everyday!
Recipes handed down for generations!
Great family atmosphere!

Serving up fresh flavorful, Mexican food seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’re a casual family restaurant no reservations needed. Want to pick up a meal for the whole family? We welcome takeout orders-just choose what you want from any of our menus and call us. If your planning a party or event, we do catering or you can completely customize your order from our catering menu. Check out or catering menu for a complete info or ask a manager to fix you up!


We pride ourselves to be the first ones in Southern California to create a monster 6 foot party burritos for any occasion or special event. Last minute ideas? No problem we got you covered, just call us today to place your order! (714) 953-4355